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With Solar panels alone, on average, 30% of energy generated is used in the home. This is due to the energy being generated throughout the day when the demand at home is lower, any excess energy generated is exported to the grid.

When used with Battery Storage this excess energy is stored until demand is higher and is used as and when needed, to limit any energy being taken from the grid. With battery storage, on average, the usage, by the home, of energy that is generated by the PV Panels is increased to 60%-65% meaning that less power is taken from the grid lowering monthly bills.

In order to make the most savings Variable Rate Tariffs can be used, along with a complete integrated solution, with multiple times per day (depending on the tariff) where energy is cheaper. During these times the Battery Storage can also be charged cheaply from the grid to ensure that they are full for when demand is higher, this is especially useful during winter months when the Sun is behind the clouds and the days are shorter meaning that the energy generated is less in comparison to the summer months.

EV Chargers can also be integrated into the Solar PV Installation this allows the customer to easily see the amount of energy being generated at any one time, energy generated over a specific period, energy taken from the grid, energy used to charge the Electric Vehicle etc all from on easy to use app.

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