Renewable Energy and What the Future Holds

Solar Panel Installation

With experts suggesting energy prices will remain high for the foreseeable future, the Energy Bills Support Scheme coming to an end in April 2023, the Energy Price Guarantee set to rise by 20% in April 2023 and then end in April 2024, households in the UK will be seeing bigger and bigger monthly bills for years to come.

There is a benefit of these increases, this being with Solar PV and Battery Storage installed monthly savings are increasing and payback periods from the installation costs are decreasing. The energy generated from Solar PV is free and when working in conjunction with Battery Storage this free energy can be saved and used later as and when it is needed. Any excess energy that is produced that cannot be stored or used by the household will be sold back to the grid, albeit at a low rate currently.

Not only does Solar PV and Battery Storage have the benefit of savings on monthly energy bills it is also an environmentally friendly way to produce electricity. With less reliance on the grid, that is using electricity mainly generated by less environmentally friendly means with only 36.3 per cent of electricity generation in Quarter 3 2022 by renewable sources, this means that households with Solar installations will be benefiting not only themselves but also the environment.

Households can benefit from peace of mind at not having complete reliance on the grid with Solar installations and more freedom when it comes to energy usage they can also benefit from new Demand Flexibility Service Schemes by using energy stored in a Battery during periods set out by the National Grid where households can be paid to use less electricity.

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